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The Benefits of Presenting at SLAS2019

Delivering a podium or poster presentation at SLAS2019 offers a host of benefits to both you and your organization. The SLAS community is extremely knowledgeable, well-connected, friendly and collaborative. As such, you can expect thoughtful input from a well-qualified scientific audience on how to further or refine your research, including insight to commercialization and partnership opportunities. As a presenter, you will also gain admittance to a select group of subject matter experts with whom you can network and exchange ideas not only at the conference, but on a year-round basis.

Read on to learn more about the benefits of presenting from some folks who know best — members of the SLAS2019 Scientific Program Committee:


“The SLAS audience is highly engaged, and highly technical group of drug discovery professionals. Speakers will find many participants eager to immediately apply the learnings from their session to drug discovery and other applications with the ultimate goal of improving human health. Likewise, I established myself as a go-to speaker for my subject matter expertise, epigenetic drug discovery, at the time. Subsequent to my SLAS presentation, I got many invitations to speak at international meetings.”

Margaret Scott, Genentech
Peter Hodder, Amgen
Drug Target Strategies 2019 Track Chairs

“SLAS is the foremost international conference for those interested in assay development for drug discovery. The blend of technical and scientific expertise on show from the podium presentations, posters and vendor floor are unequalled.”

Edward Ainscow, Carrick Therapeutics
Assay Development and Screening 2018 Track Chair

“By attending and presenting at the SLAS International Conference, scientists can hear about cutting edge developments in science and technology, which seed ideas for future collaborations and projects. To remain at the cutting edge, it is increasingly important that organizations look outward, and meetings such as SLAS provide the opportunity to learn about the evolving landscape of science and technology, from which to develop future strategic direction.”

Melanie Leveridge, GlaxoSmithKline
Advances in Bioanalytics and Biomarkers 2018 Track Chair

“SLAS is one of the largest conferences that focuses on applied biological, bioengineering, and chemical research, which is the driver of biological and pharmaceutical innovation. SLAS attracts a unique balance of industry and academic attendees, thus providing unusually broad opportunities for networking and collaboration. Presenting provides direct exposure for one's own or one's company's research to the most critical, but also helpful, audience — peers. The unique nature of SLAS — being focused on applied research — also invites the opportunity for questions or suggestions posed to the presenter that may inspire alternative uses or directions for the described material.”

Benjamin Haley, Genentech
Neville Sanjana, New York University
Cellular Technologies 2018 Track Chairs

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