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New Product Announcements at SLAS2019

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Stop by these booths during SLAS2019 exhibit hours from Feb. 4-6 to see brand new life sciences innovation, interact with product developers and learn how these breakthrough technologies can benefit your organization. For more information on the New Product Award, click here.


Abcam PLC

Abcam PLC — Booth 447
FirePlex®-HT offers a rapid, multiplex solution for quantifying 10 protein analytes per well, in 384-well format. Alongside a 2-step, no-wash protocol, FirePlex-HT is ideally suited for drug discovery/screening studies.



Andrew Alliance — Booth 723

OneLab: Design and execute
Pipette+: intelligent pipetting
Andrew+: The pipetting robot



BellBrook Labs — Booth 1702
Transcreener cGAMP cGAS Assay
A new biochemical cGAS activity assay that directly measures the enzyme's product cGAMP, in a simple mix-and-read format. A Perfect fit for HTS, SAR, and MOA studies!



Biosero, Inc. — Booth 801
Green Button Go
Green Button Go™ from Biosero Inc. is device-agnostic software that integrates equipment into a cohesive lab ecosystem. The Green Button Go drag-and-drop user interface automates workflow processes to increase productivity.



Covaris — Booth 1417
R230 AFA-Revolution
AFA-Revolution enables AFA technology sample preparation benefits on liquid handlers: non-contact, low volume, high-throughput, controlled scanning acoustic energy for stabilization, extraction, and processing of nucleic acids, proteins and biomolecules.


Greiner Bio-One

Greiner Bio-One — Booth 737
M3d 3D Cell Culture
The core technology of the 3D Cell Culture system is the magnetization of cells with NanoShuttle™-PL. The cells can be aggregated with magnetic forces, either by levitation or printing, to form structurally and biologically representative 3D models in vitro.


MDZ Automation LLC

MDZ Automation LLC — Booth 1644
HTF Plate Dispenser
The HTF is a high throughput Plate Dispenser System used to fill microplates. Perfect upgrade to your old Sandy Spring© QuickSpense™ or AutoSpense™ dispenser! Autoclave. Made in USA.


Mott Corporation

Mott Corporation — Booth 1346
PerfectPeak Fixed Flow Splitters
Light-weight flow splitter with color-coded fittings for quick change-out of split ratio cartridges and pre-filters. PerfectPeak Flow Splitters help produce best LC/MS instrument sensitivity for better peak resolution.



Multispan, Inc. — Booth 846
MultiScreen™ B-arrestin Sensor
MultiScreen™ B-arrestin technology identifies true pharmacology in-vitro and in-vivo without GPCR-tagging. Proprietary HTS sensor designed to study all signaling bias in primary cells and MultiScreen™ cell lines with no GRK2 co-transfection required.


Pall Laboratory

Pall Laboratory — Booth 1046
AcroPrep Advanced wwPTFE Plate
The new wwPTFE membrane comes in multiple sizes, extends column life up to 52 times, while reducing contamination with up to 24% less filter extractables than the competition.


Peak Analysis

Peak Analysis & Automation — Booth 1429
The new S-LAB automated plate handler is a cost-effective entry level automation solution designed for easy installation and use, which can easily fit a standard laboratory bench.


Performance Motion Devices, Inc.

Performance Motion Devices, Inc. — Booth 1621
Juno Torque Control ICs
Another new IC in the Juno Velocity & Torque Control Family, The Juno Torque Control IC offers ultra-precise torque control for 3-phase Brushless DC and DC Brush motors with direct analog or SPI command input. All in a 56-pin VQFN or 64-pin TQFP package.


Porvair Sciences

Porvair Sciences — Booth 1450
96-well Krystal™ 2000 Black and White Plates
96-well Krystal™ 2000 plates are optimized for fluorescence and luminescence to prevent light piping. Proprietary design eliminates well to well cross talk, giving unmatched accuracy, sensitivity and reproducible readings.


Quantifoil Instruments

Quantifoil Instruments — Booth 1249
Many lab experiments require fast heating and cooling steps in a very accurate manner. Fully adjustable between -10°C and 99°C, ColdPlate guarantees fast & excellent temperature control for all microplates.



Sensirion — Booth 949
SLF3S-1300F: New Liquid Flow Sensor for Life Science and Analytical Instruments
Sensirion's latest liquid flow sensor, the SLF3S-1300F, combines Sensirion’s excellent 20-year track record in low and lowest flow rate sensing with a radically optimized mechanical design and takes the well-established functionality to the next level in price-performance ratio. The sensor provides maximum safety, stability and long-term reliability for a wide range of applications, including the fields of diagnostics, analytical instruments and life sciences.


Sophion Bioscience

Sophion Bioscience A/S — Booth 1703
QPatch II
QPatch has been the benchmark APC solution for cardiac safety and advanced electrophysiology since 2005. QPatch II builds on the legacy of the predecessor but completely modernised to fulfil the requirements of any efficient ion channel laboratory of tomorrow.


Stilla Technologies

Stilla Technologies — Booth 1725
Opal Chip
The Opal chip provides optimal throughput flexibility for digital PCR applications. A fully integrated pre-filled microfluidic consumable for automated workflows. Up to 48 samples in under 2 hours.


Thermo Fisher Scientific

Thermo Fisher Scientific — Booth 5265
SkanIt Software 6.0
Powerful and intuitive SkanIt Software drives and performs analysis for all Thermo Scientific microplate readers. New SkanIt Software 6.0 features multipoint top-reading capabilities and validated, pre-built protocols with example data for the most popular applications searchable in SkanIt Cloud Library.

Thermo Fisher Scientific

Applied Biosystems MagMAX Microbiome Total Nucleic Acid Extraction Kit
This kit enables efficient, high-throughput nucleic acid extraction from stool and soil. It is automation ready for KingFisher, processing 96 samples in 60 min, with 2 different bead beating formats.

Thermo Fisher Scientific

Applied Biosystems MagMAX Viral Total Nucleic Acid Extraction Kit
This kit allows for a scalable (protocols for low and high throughput), numerous sample types supported, recovery with low titer samples, no need for carrier and automation ready with KingFisher.

Thermo Fisher Scientific

Applied Biosystems MagMAX Pathogen Total Nucleic Acid Extraction Kit
This kit cuts the bead beating out of your prep with a unique enzymatic solution, increased recovery without additional steps, scalable from 200ul-2ml with 2 protocols and automation ready.


ThermoScientific KingFisher™ Ready DNA Ultra 2.0
Ready-to-go reagents for your KingFisher instruments. Simply peel off cover, add lysed sample, and load the plate to extract high-quality DNA from a range sample types. Featuring MagMAX magnetic bead technology.


Titian Software

Titian Software — Booth 1004
Mosaic AR
Titian’s Mosaic AR delivers lab efficiencies by providing sample management workflow guidance to operators via Augmented Reality glasses. Mosaic AR tracks every process step while leaving operators’ hands free.


Trajan Scientific and Medical

Trajan Scientific and Medical — Booth 941
Chronect Quantos
A powerful platform achieved through seamless coordination of industry-proven, modular elements. The integration of the world's most accurate dosing and weighing technology into liquid sample preparation maximizes your time and resources while minimizing user exposure and error sources.


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